Master Mei Juan Luo practicing Tai Chi with students in China

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Luo Mei Juan practises the Chen Style 13 form with students beside the River Yulong at her school in Yangshuo, China. Mei usually finds time once a year to teach in China and in 2011 hosted the Wandering Dao Retreat at her school near the beutiful Yulong River. Students had the opportunity to train in the inspiring setting just outside Yangshuo, in southern China. For more information about Long Tou Shan have a look at the website and make sure you check back for dates of Mei’s next trip to China.

Chen Zheng Lei makes a visit to Yangshuo

Chen Zheng Lei

Mei & students with Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei

While Mei was teaching at the Long Tou Shan Martial Arts School this Spetember she had the opportunity to introduce her students to Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei.

Mei has been apprenticed to the The Grandmaster since 2003 and though she trains with him once a year this was a unique opportunity for her to intrioduce some of her students to Chen Zheng Lei in person.