Mei’s December Tai Chi Workshop in Boulder, Colorado

Mei's December WorkshopIn December, Mei taught a very successful weekend Tai Chi workshop in Boulder, Colorado.

Seen here some of her students showing a little of what they learned during the intensive two-day session.  Students were able to complete the Tai Chi 18-form.

Afterwards, one of her students wrote to her and said, “The tai chi form feels amazing! Very blissful and peaceful. Thank you for teaching me.”

Students win gold medals at the CFWS Beijing competition

Mei and her gold medal winning students at Xianghe 2011

Mei and her gold medal winning students at Xianghe 2011

Taking time out from teaching at the Long Tou Shan Martial Arts School this October, Mei travelled to Beijing with three of her students to the CFWS (Chinese Martial Arts Association) 2011 Beijing competition at Epoch City, Xianghe. While she was judging the senior level competitors, three of her students including her son Da Zhu won gold medals performing Chen and Yang style routines. “The weekend was an excellent opportunity to see a broad range of styles and forms including taiji and kungfu” said Roy, one of Mei’s students, “there was also a chance to watch two famous calligraphers at work and we all got to take home personal pieces of art”.

WordPress site goes live

Mei Tai Chi, with the able assistance of Roy Hanney, has been redeveloping the web site under WordPress, and we have just gone live!  Please bear with us while we correct any broken links and plugins.  We hope everyone will find the new web site to be informative and interesting!

Qigong Journal December 7, 2011

Exploring Meditation

Qigong meditationA reader asks, “Can the people who have a natural talent to quiet their thoughts and clean their mind, not by effort and struggling, but only through insight, point the way for others?” I feel they can, or I wouldn’t be writing this column, though each person has to awaken meditation, or whatever name one […]

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